Hi there,

My name is Yulia and I am a professional photographer and I love to work with mothers and babies, couples and families either at home, at a park or at a significant life event such as a wedding, birthday party or engagement.

My philosophy...

I believe the relationship between the photographer and the client must be personal and warm.  I am down-to-earth and believe that a comfortable setting and relaxed photoshoot will bring out the essence of the model.  This is particularly true when I work with families, moms, pregnant women, engaged couples and most importantly young children.  Young kids and babies are at their best when they are in a good mood and not forced to pose.  I simply let them play, and unobtrusively photograph them in their natural environment.  Spontaneous and candid unforced moments allow me to capture real feelings and emotions in your pictures.

At the end of the day, these are your photos, your memories and your legacy.  I want the final product to exude who you and your family truly are!

I also am very open-minded towards personal and intimate photoshoots with women.  Every woman is beautiful and longs to capture herself in film for posterity or even a gift for the special one in her life.      

Let’s go for it!