Hi there,

My name is Yulia, I am a professional photographer based in New York City. My friends and clients often describe me as a down-to-earth, kind, easy-going and creative soul. 

My true love for photography sprung from my childhood when I was spending time in the dark room developing photographs taken during our family trips on my dad’s Zenit film camera.

I was 15 years old when I first took my dad’s camera to take pictures of my friends. Later, when I moved to NYC  at the age of 19 , my love for photography developed into a passion and the most fulfilling career.

My philosophy...

My style is very personal. I like to connect to my client on a deeper level. During every session, I see how this connection and trust between the models and the photographer enables my clients to drop their guard and express their true essence. It helps me not only to take a perfect picture, but also to tell a story. My main focus is to create a comfortable and friendly environment during my sessions. I believe that the final product is as important as the process. I don’t just deliver beautiful images, but rather, I create an experience specifically tailored for each individual. 

My true passion is working in an intimate setting and creating sensual portraits. Many of you would refer to it as boudoir photography. I think this term is a bit outdated and vague. I love capturing sensuality, and believe me, every person opens up differently because we are all sensual in our own way. While the pictures created during this session would be a perfect gift for a special someone, my mission is to boost my client’s confidence and to help induce even more of their natural charisma. 

My mission is to empower, to show my clients the side of themselves that, perhaps, they have never seen before. I always see the beauty in every person and I believe that every person has something unique about them.

At the end of the day, these are your photos, your memories and your legacy. I want the final product to exude who you truly are and to be a reminder of a great time you had while you made them!