Mother's Day

Last year when I returned home to visit my mother for her 60th birthday I had the idea to do a photoshoot for her. I thought that choosing a beautiful outfit and doing professional makeup would be fun experience for her. But to my disappointment she said: “What? You want to take pictures of my wrinkled face?”  All she saw were her imperfections, her aging face and motherly body. For me she is a beautiful mature woman driven by a young soul.  She was resistant to the idea of me taking her pictures and it took great effort to coax her from her garden in her dirt-covered clothes.    During the makeup application she began to relax and I could tell she was starting to have fun. Even better though is but how amazed my mom transformed into a flirty girl who was posing for me when I trained my camera on her! I saw her eyes light up.  She moved freely, playfully smiling and modeling her dress and hat. I honestly did not expect my mom to be transformed right before my lens.  She felt comfortable in front of the camera and truly enjoyed our time. She no longer focused on her  “wrinkled face”.  Instead she glowed from deep inside, embracing this new experience but always really wanted. Take a look at this beautiful woman, my mother!

Olga, 60

As a photographer I don’t meet a lot of mature women willing to take the initiative to book a photosession.   A Photosession can be a great gift to your mom on this upcoming Mother’s Day. I would be honored to bring your mother the same experience I shared with my mom and show her that age is just a number. Let's do it!

Look at these beautiful and fearless women and book your photosession today!

Silvanei, 61

Elena, 56